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The Basics

The Basics never die: Squats, Pushups, Lunges, Deadlifts, and Rows.

👍 Start with the basics. You can do a lot with those 5 movements.

😇 Get good at them. Focus on your form, do every exercise well, and don’t overdo anything.

🔙 Go back to the basics when you’ve hit a plateau, if you’re injured, on vacation, or in a transition, the basics can feel like coming home.

🛑 Don’t underestimate them. I felt my best in the last couple of years when I was making videos for beginners: doing simple training, nothing fancy, not trying to lift heavy, just doing the basics really well…

It was such a good reminder that we don’t need to get creative or fancy to get results.

The basics are the foundation of a good training program.

How much of your energy do you give to the basics? Do you simply check the boxes? Or do you try really feel your body & learn from every lift?

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