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I’ve been thinking about comments people make.

It started when someone I know peripherally & hadn’t seen in a while (let’s call her Barb) lost a lot of weight.

Barb was never what one would consider ‘overweight’. I hate even saying this, but if anything, she maybe looked ‘soft’. Like she hadn’t been exercising a ton & wasn’t being super strict with her eating (like nearly everyone in the last couple years at some point or another).

When I saw her recently, it looked like she lost 30+ pounds.

I heard many people commenting on her weight loss & telling her how good she looks.

To me, she looked *healthier* with a little extra weight than this very tiny version of her.

Now, it doesn’t matter what I think. I don’t know whether she is healthier now or not. But most of the people I heard making comments didn’t either.

What if the weight loss is due to an eating disorder? Or maybe she’s having trouble in her marriage? Or has a terminally ill family member? Or is terminally ill herself?

I know many people who lose weight when they are unhappy or stressed & eating is not a priority.

I know that not every weight loss is healthy.

I know that skinny does not necessarily = healthy.

The research says that someone who is slightly overweight and physically active is healthier (blood markers) than an inactive person at or under a medically deemed “healthy” weight.

Also, can we just stop commenting on weight? & the way a woman looks? Ask her instead how she’s doing, how her summer was, and what she’s reading…

For the love of Pete.

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