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Hi! I’m Val. & I’ve always been a “weird” personal trainer.

Success as a personal trainer in most gyms means: selling big packages, filling your schedule, & keeping clients forever.

When I first started in this industry 20 years ago, I was encouraged to point out everything I thought my clients “needed” to change about their bodies & get them to rely on me so I would always have a paycheck.

I could never do it. It felt icky to me.

It’s part of the reason I didn’t do well in big box gyms… I don’t want students to stay training with me forever. I want to give my students the tools to do this strength training thing on their own!

I feel successful as a personal trainer/coach when:
1️⃣ students tell their friends how non-intimidating and fun my teaching & strength programs are:
🪖 because they’re learning that training doesn’t need to be militaristic to work
🎉 because they’re excited to share that strength training can be fun

2️⃣ students “graduate” from regular in-person training to only needing programs or (even better) writing their own programs & only coming back for periodic form checks:
🎓 because they’re learning about the process
💪 because they’re empowered to do what they need to do to stay strong & healthy


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