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On Love & Feeling Your Worth

By September 22, 2022Pacific Strength

I’ve lived my life thinking I had to earn everything:
👩‍💻Work hard in order to have fun.
🙋‍♀️Do something good to earn love.
🤔More accurately… be “perfect” in order to be worthy of love.

Maybe if it’s a special occasion (like my birthday) I could hope for something nice, but other than that, I needed to earn it.

That way of thinking has benefits and drawbacks:
❤️I love that hard work doesn’t scare me.
🧠I know I can do anything I put my mind to.
🚫I don’t love that I don’t feel worthy of love or nice things unless I’m working my ass off, chasing perfection.

But… I am learning another way.

My husband is teaching me another way. And we are teaching our kids another way.

This may seem like a silly example, but I’ve been a Bills fan all my life but had never been to game. The tickets aren’t free, and I didn’t think I ‘deserved’ to go. Didn’t feel like I had ‘earned’ it.

But last week, my husband called bull💩 on that thought process & got tickets for me & our son.

I loved being at the stadium, I loved the energy of the live crowd, I loved sharing it with my son (the super football fan) and it didn’t hurt at all that the Bills won! 😉👊

The lesson? If you don’t feel your worth, surround yourself with people who do.

And maybe one day, you’ll start to feel it too.

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📷 cred: a nice Rams fan, after the game. I love the no-filter sweatiness & big cheesy grins you couldn’t wipe off our faces #thisisjoy

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