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It’s Gonna Suck Either Way

By September 26, 2022Pacific Strength

‼️ Reality Check ✔️

It’s gonna suck – one way or another! #chooseyoursuck

I have a friend who just started training & during a session she said, “This sucks!”

I burst out laughing… I love when my people are honest with me. I love that she knew she could say that & I wouldn’t be offended, I wouldn’t take it personally, & I also wouldn’t change what we were doing (although she may have hoped I would 😉).

But then she said:
Starting again sucks, but do you know what also sucks?
👎 Feeling out of shape.
😤 Not being strong enough to do the fun activities I want to do.
🏃🏼‍♀️ Not having the endurance to keep up with my kids.
🙅‍♀️ Knowing that if I hadn’t stopped last time, I wouldn’t feel like this.

So right then, she decided that she’d keep at it this time.

Even when there’s “no time”. ⏰
Even when she doesn’t feel like it. 😒
Even when other things seem more important. ⚠️

She’s going to complete
1️⃣ exercise
1️⃣ set
1️⃣ warmup
1️⃣ mile
🔟 minutes

She’s going to do something.

She’s NOT going to do nothing anymore.

Because training sometimes sucks.

But training is short. & it makes everything else in your life better.

The consequences of not training suck more.

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