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If you want to get stronger…

By October 18, 2022Pacific Strength

We want to get stronger.

We want to build endurance.

We see athletes compete and they push until they’re exhausted, collapsing at the end of a race or not being able to stand after a competition. They’re nearing an all-out, 100%, max effort. & it’s awesome to watch.

We want to be more like them.

What we don’t see, though is that the athletes we watch don’t push to 💯 every day. They train smart & most of the time, they train at 60-80% of their max. Not 100%.

I see the athlete in everyone I train and that’s why we:
✅ practice what you want to improve in.
✅ learn how to appropriately challenge ourselves.

The challenge should be just to the edge of your ability. If the challenge is too much, if you push to 💯 every day, you’re less likely to stick with it. Same goes with not challenging yourself enough. If you’re only doing 50% of what you’re capable of, that won’t help either.

There’s a sweet spot, just on the edge of your current ability (about 60-80% effort, depending on the day & the training session) where your training will be challenging enough to be fun but not so challenging that it negatively affects your next training session.

There is no perfect way to do this. We all push it too much sometimes. & we all have probably had times when we didn’t push enough.

It takes some practice & some finessing to get this right. So be patient with yourself.

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