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My Approach to Training

By October 26, 2022Pacific Strength

Early morning thoughts…

I was raised with a lot of discipline, rules, hard work, anger, and fear. And not a lot of love or joy.

The discipline has helped me achieve a lot, especially when it comes to physical strength. I don’t need shiny, new, or warm & fuzzy to continue on the path that’s right for me. I do the work. And it pays off.

The lack of love caused a lot of depression, worthiness issues, and heartache.

I’ve been training others for over 20 years, and I learned early on that my discipline-only approach to coaching did not work in the long run. For me or anyone I was working with.

I thought fear and anger and aggressive behavior were necessary to achieve discipline and get results.

I no longer believe that to be true.

While it may help you lose weight for an event, long-term health and fitness require self-love.

I’ve attempted to learn & grow & change how I interact with people. I plan to keep learning and growing, especially from everyone who comes to me to help them make changes to their bodies.

Through this evolution, I have found a way to teach discipline around training that is rooted in love & kindness & joy.

It goes a little something like this:
Do the work, because the work will get you to where you want to be. AND be kind to yourself along the way. Know that not every day will be your best day, and that is ok. Doing what you can every day without giving up is called discipline.

Sending a giant hug (and a punch in the stomach to make sure you remember your ab-brace) to all of my past, present, and future students.

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