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NO Days Without Swings NO-vember

By November 8, 2022Pacific Strength

Here at Pacific Strength, we swing into the holidays with 100 swings every day in November. We’ve done it for years.

See our City class finishing their last 10 of their first 100 of the month.


This year, we’re adding a twist: make a $100 pledge your local boys and girls club to complete 100 swings every day.

Support active kids AND be active yourself!

If you don’t swing, Make November = NO Days Without Movement.

I recommend you do 100 of something every day. Tuesday = Squats, Wednesday = Pushups, Thursday = Lunges, Friday = Rows, and on Saturday, start over with Squats. Keep cycling through those movements.

You don’t have to do them all in a row.
💪 Do 20 sets of 5
👍 Do 10 sets of 10
🙌 Do a Ladder 40, 30, 20, 10
SO many ways to break it up!

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