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On Physical & Emotional Strength

By December 7, 2022Pacific Strength

To build physical strength, you need consistent effort. There will be times of great strength gains, there will also be injuries & setbacks. In order to be strong, you need to keep showing up and doing the work.

Emotional work is very similar. In my experience, it’s so much more grueling. I’d rather max deadlift any day then dredge up past mistakes & consider what I could have done differently. But that work is important if you want to move forward and not continue to make the same mistakes.

Whether we’re talking about physical strength or emotional strength, there will always be people who don’t like you because you are doing what they *could* do if they put the effort in.

When they look at you, they see everything they’re *not* doing. And that is so threatening, they *have to* make you the bad guy.

Don’t diminish yourself for those people.

You worked hard for your strength.

Let them hate.

It says way more about them than it does about you.

#onlymakesyoustronger #youareworththeeffort #youareworthtakingcareof #keepgettingstronger #bethebestyou #letthemhate #dontletthemgetyoudown

💙 I’m just over here, fumbling through life, making mistakes, doing what I can to get stronger. And I see you, doing what you can to be stronger.

Keep going. We’ll walk this path together & build strength, one bicep curl & tough conversation at a time 😘💪

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