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Focus Shift & Gratitude

By December 8, 2022Pacific Strength

“My hip hurts.”

“My belly is too big.”

“I can’t run anymore.”

“My arms are giggly.”

We all focus on what’s wrong…

What if we shift our focus to what’s right? What’s good? What we love?

What our bodies did for us today?

Maybe nothing changes. Maybe our hip still hurts & our bellies are still “too big”.

Maybe we start to see what this old body can still do & we start to love her a little more.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like it’s worth a shot.

🤟What’s one way, off the top of your head, you want to change what you say & shift things?

#fitnessthatfitsyourlife #bethebestyou #selfcare #notselfhate #loveyourself #appreciateyourbody

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