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Show Up

By February 10, 2023Pacific Strength

Show up

That’s the theme here.

Show up for yourself.

Show up for your people.

Show up for your training.

In winter, when days get shorter 🌞 🌙 and those daylight hours seem to fill up quickly with activities. Lots of extra activities.

You want to enjoy the season, but you probably don’t want to let yourself fall to the bottom of the list.

You also probably don’t want to be a fitness robot 🤖, skipping the fun to make sure you get every training session in as planned.

There’s a sweet spot in the middle that allows you to make decisions that are right for you.

Showing up may look like skipping your training time one day to go to your kid’s holiday program at school. Maybe carving out time later that day the next to do even half of the planned training.

Showing up may look like inviting your friend on a walk instead of out to lunch so that you can get your training in & connect with the people you love.

Showing up may look like asking a friend to pick up your kids from school so you can get your training in. And then doing the same for her another day. 😘

Check in with yourself. What makes the most sense for the whole person you are and want to be?

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