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This is why I strength train.

So that I can do cool active $h!t, outside, that I’ve never tried before, at 42 years old.

I know that if I didn’t have my strength base, I would not have felt confident trying Nordic skiing for the first time. Especially one month after meniscus surgery.

But because of consistent strength training, my recovery has been great and I get to enjoy doing stuff like this.

What a lovely afternoon I was able to enjoy with my @wfuniversity buddy @kellybradyhackett

Even if strength training is boring & not your “thing”… 30-45min, 2-3 days/week, will allow you to continue to be active with friends & family as you age.

#makestrengthyourthing #doit #evenwhenitsboring
#keepstrengthtraining #ithelpseverything #strongmoms #fitnessthatfitsyourlife #firstsin40s


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