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Lean & Strong 2023

By February 22, 2023Pacific Strength

It’s that time of year again. Reading “Lean and Strong” by Josh Hillis @joshuahillis

The title is deceiving, and not… You would pick it up and think that it’s a diet and exercise book. And it is… but mostly it’s a book about mindfulness, behavior, change, and psychology.

And he doesn’t tell you what to eat, doesn’t demonize food groups and doesn’t claim to have the one size fits all answer to fitness. (Hint: because those things wouldn’t be helpful)

What he does do is teach you how to tune in to your body to determine what’s right for you. He also gives guidelines to follow for the times it’s difficult to tune in because of the diet culture water we’re all swimming in.

If you’re looking for a book to transform the way you eat and train, this is the only book I recommend.

Be careful though, you might just become more mindful and present throughout your day in the process.

Thank you Josh for your years of work in the trenches with real people and for the research you’ve done & continue to do.

Grab a copy of his book on Amazon (I get nothing other than the satisfaction you’re reading something that will actually help you) & follow @joshuahillis for simple tips, tools, & reminders!

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