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Are Online Fitness Programs For Me?

🤔 Short Answer… I dunno

Long Answer…

First, there are a lot of different programs and a lot of different ways to do the programs. Every trainer or coach is different and every client or student has different needs. Make sure you ask questions and get answers so you can make informed decisions.

Some FAQ & suggestions regarding my online programs:

I know I need to strength train, but I only seem to be getting walks in on a regular basis. How can online training help me?

You may need to follow a plan and have some accountability.

If this is you, my online programs will definitely check that box  ✅

You’ll have a plan to follow and you’ll have to actually check boxes in the app to let me know you’ve completed your training.

There is no shame in my coaching. If you don’t get your training in, we figure out why and we shift things.

We make it work for YOU!

I don’t think I have the time to train every day.

  • If you’re not already taking time to move your body on a regular basis, save your money 💰, and start with my recommendations on my Instagram post titled “How to Start Strength Training Today”. Find 10-15min, 2-3x every week to strength train. Walk or bike or yoga or do whatever other activity you enjoy on the other days. Make it a habit.  After a couple of weeks or months (it’s different for everyone), you may be ready for a program. Or, you may realize #yougotthis and not need me 👍
  • Another option: go to my YouTube page & start with finding 10-12min, 3 days per week to follow along with my bodyweight training videos. Plus, you’ll get a feel for my videos and whether you like the way I coach.
  • If you already have time carved out every day but you’re not feeling productive during your workouts, it may be time to get on a plan.

What if I really like the social aspect of exercise?

  • Online training may not be your jam.
  • Or… You can meet your friends at the gym & follow your own plan while they do their thing. I call this social-adjacent 😉 (like parallel play for toddlers)
  • Maybe a group fitness facility is best for you. I’ll have another post on how to find a good fit.
  • If you can’t find a safe & effective training routine that’s in-person, it might be good to try to do your strength at home or in the gym with your online program & have your social stuff be walks, runs, surfing, kayaking, biking, & yoga (or whatever else floats your boat).

I know this online training thing is not for everyone, but if it’s for you, it really really works.

Hope this was helpful!


If you think you might want to start your online training journey & be a part of the PSCrew, send me an email at and we’ll schedule a discovery call to see if it’s a good fit!

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