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Kettlebell Getup

Mondays have been my “Swing & Getup Day” for a while now.

Bringing running back into my routine (most often on Sundays), my Monday swings and getups have been light and feel more like a recovery/rest day than a strength day.

Other times, when I feel rested and recovered, I’ll push myself and go heavier with my swings and getups. It’ll be a real “workout”.

Bottom line…

👍🏼 It’s good to have a plan.
😇 It’s good to adjust to what your body needs on any given day.

Do you have a go-to when you want to do something and don’t want to do too much?

Do you do swings & getups when you want to feel open and get a little sweat in?

Tell me in the comments what your recovery days are like.

Tell me in the comments if you enjoy swings and getups and how you fit them into your routine.

Until next time 💪🏼

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