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When to be Strict

By September 14, 2023Pacific Strength

As a coach, I love writing programs that will help my clients reach their goals. But what I love most about coaching is helping people navigate how to make fitness fit their lives.

Rather than thinking you have to contort yourself to fit a particular program, it’s important to make sure the program (& coaching philosophies) fit you & your life.

Part of this is determining when it’s best to be strict about sticking to your plan & when it’s best to be flexible.

More on flexibility later 😘…

The way I work with people is I write programs for busy humans who want to use their training to get the most out of their lives.

When you’re a part of the PSCrew or the DIYCrew, you will get a plan that fits your life, not a one-size-fits-all program that you’ll have to work your life around.

I’m not one for strict plans, stricter implementation, or shaming when the plan is not followed. I’m here to help you determine when it’s best to be strict and when you can allow for flexibility.

I know that sometimes, usually when you first start strength training, or when you’re coming back to it after a long break, sticking to the plan as closely as possible is best.

You need to:
1️⃣ Know it’s not going to be fun for the first few weeks. Do it anyway.
2️⃣ Plan when you’ll be training
: either the night before or the Sunday before the upcoming week.
3️⃣ Whether you feel like it or not, do it.
👍🏼 Start your warmup.
💪🏼 Do at least one set of everything.
👊🏼 If you still want to stop, stop after the first set.
💪🏼 If you think you can get through your whole routine, do it!

The important things to learn are:
➡️ Start your training even when you don’t want to so that you can…
➡️ Be someone who keeps her commitments to herself.

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