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What’s Your Plan?

By September 26, 2023Pacific Strength

Do you have one?

For today? Tomorrow? This week? This month?

Do you get up in the morning & wonder if or when you’ll get your training in? If you know when you’ll do it, do you know what you’re going to do?

When it comes to fitness, it’s so much better to have a plan. “Winging it” is not a great option.

“Fitting it in when you can” often turns into “not having time” to exercise which turns into big gaps in your training.

If you want to build strength, come up with a routine you can stick to.

Plan to strength train M & Th. Or set aside time on Tu, Th, & Sat. If you know your Thursday is jam-packed, move your Thursday training to W or F.

With a plan, you can adjust as needed.

Without a plan, you’ll just feel like you’re falling behind.

If you need help with *what* to do for your strength training, I have posts on how to start for FREE as well as monthly programs (DIYCrew & PSCrew) to follow for more variety & accountability.

Fill in non-strength training days with walks, bike rides, or dance classes (whatever floats your 🚤).

Take your fitness into your hands. Make a plan. Ask for help if you need to. But start doing it today.

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