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Let’s talk self care:

What are the things you do for yourself every day?

When you wake up:
Do you spend 5-minutes breathing & being grateful?
Or do you go straight to your phone?

When eating, do you:
Prioritize healthy food you make with love?
Or do you grab something on the go?

When it comes to exercise, do you:
Set aside time to move?
Get away for a walk?
Or do you just quickly squeeze something in between everything else you’re doing?

There’s no judgement here. I’ve done every single one of these things.

When reading through though, which versions feel better, more centering, more mindful, more like self-care?

The more we do the caring version of these things, the more we’re caring for ourselves. In small & big ways.

I realize certain days, certain seasons of life, may require the “just get it done” version.

When you’re able to choose the caring version, do it! & let me know how you feel!

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