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Don’t Overcomplicate Things

By December 20, 2023Pacific Strength

Programming for strength can get really complicated.

There are times for complicated & there are times for simple.

December & the whole holiday season can be so complicated & overbooked, I always find it’s better to keep your training simple.

Pick 2-3 movements to do for your training, do 3-10 sets of each movement, and do 5-15 reps per set.

What movements are we choosing from & how can you get them all in?

➡️ Swings (or ball slams or ropes or any conditioning piece)
➡️ Squats (any version)
➡️ Deadlifts (kb, bb, db) or lunges (any version)
➡️ Pushups or Presses (overhead, floor, bench, etc)
➡️ Pull-ups or Rows (with weights or bands or TRX)
➡️ Carries (farmers/suitcase, rack, overhead)

For me, the swing/conditioning piece will always be a part of my training.

Then I’ll add 1, 2, or 3 of the other movements to make my training for the day.

The next day, fill in the other movements so you get everything in.

❌ Don’t overcomplicate.
✅ Do keep it simple & focus on form!

Try it and let me know how programming for yourself feels!

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