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New to Strength Training?
or has it been a while?

Hey momma,

I see you.

You take the kids to all the things, you volunteer at the school and you’re the room and team parent. You buy all the birthday gifts, you sign them up for all the activities and you drive or figure out carpool so they can get there.

You do your best to make healthy meals and make sure your kids have good friends and activities they enjoy. You’re doing all the things for all the people.

And in the midst of all of the doing for others, you fell to the wayside. You don’t exercise as much as you used to. You’re not lazy and you’re certainly no couch potato – you never stop moving! BUT, you don’t take the time to make your body and your fitness a priority.

Trust me, you are not alone. I have trained so many women who used to be very active and one thing or another happened (aka – life got life-y), and while they still consider themselves ‘active’, they’re not as strong as they used to be.

Well that’s about to change, because I created this awesome Bodyweight Training Program for YOU!

You don’t have to join a gym, buy any equipment, or dress in fancy workout clothes (unless, of course, that will motivate you… then go for it, momma!). All you need is your body, a small space, and a little time (15-min max!) carved out just for you.

You can choose the 2-workout-week or 3-workout-week plan, depending on how much you’re able to commit to.

I promise, in a month, you’ll not only feel stronger and more capable of all of the things, you’ll be so happy you started. You can go through the Bodyweight Trainings for another month or move on to the Starting Strength Program or the PSCrew after that!

Start your Strength Training journey today!