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Why We Do What We Do

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently: Why does this gym exist? When it would be much easier and far less time to focus on personal training out of homes & online training… Why do we focus on strength? When weight-loss is an easier sell... Why do we want people to be strong for life? When competing every day and posting pictures of students falling over due to fatigue seems to create attention… Well for one, if you know me, you’ll know that I’ve never been one to take the easy road. ;-) But also, I want to do…
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Summer Challenge – 2017

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Cost: $100 This challenge will work on a point system. Starting June 1, you will get points for every swing, squat, clean, press, snatch, pullup, row, lunge, deadlift, & getup you do. You’ll get points for attending classes & workshops. You’ll get points for jumping rope, for every mile you walk or run, & for every 30min of “other cardio” you participate in. You’ll get points for the training you do while you’re out of town. All you need to do is log your training & add up your points! The summer challenge will end August 31. After that, we’ll…
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2017 Challenge

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I tried and tried to make this challenge a pretty 6- or 8-week thing, but I just couldn't. Every time I was trying to work it out, I thought... we need more time with this stuff! So, we're going to spend all year focusing on the 7 things that YOU can do to make sure you're Younger Next Year. First, grab the book - I like the hard copy, but the kindle version is available and it's with you all the time. Here's the list of things we'll be doing all year (and for the rest of our lives): Exercise 6 days/week…
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January 2017

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Happy New Year Everyone! We had an awesome training session on January 1st... And then a dip in the ocean immediately following! It was such an awesome way to start 2017! Thank you to all of you who showed up! (and to all of you who were there in spirit =)   January I have a love/hate relationship with New Year's Resolutions... On the one hand, I love a fresh start. A new beginning. A time to reflect on last year and look to the future to decide what you want to accomplish in the upcoming year. When I think about…
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December 2016 – News & Events

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Military Appreciation Month - Extended In November, we gave away a month of unlimited classes to all Active Duty Military, Dependents, Retirees & Veterans at Pacific Strength is Military Appreciation.   Getting into the holiday spirit, we decided to extend that offer into the last month of the year. So please email me at to get your free month of classes! December Goal MOVE EVERY DAY! December gets crazy with holiday parties, events for and with the kids, shopping, baking, etc. We're encouraging everyone to find time to MOVE every day. Specifically, we're asking people to get at least 100 swings in…
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November 2016 – News & Events

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Military Appreciation Month November at Pacific Strength is Military Appreciation. We live very close to Camp Pendleton, a large Marine Corps base and we'd like to give back to those who serve our country. We're giving one month of unlimited classes to all Active Duty Military, Dependents, Retirees & Veterans in November. Please email me at to get the link to sign up!   We'll also start each class with 22 pushups - to bring awareness to suicide rates of Military Veterans - as the Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 20-22 Veterans per day die from suicide. Challenge…
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Tactical Strength Challenge – Fall 2016

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It's that time again... TSC time! The Tactical Strength Challenge comes around every 6 months and I get excited every time. This year is no exception! We get to train for something, challenge ourselves to push past what we thought we could do, compete with ourselves and with people in StrongFirst gyms around the world. In our little gym, we really feel like a part of a bigger community. The TSC tests: Max Strength with the Deadlift Bodyweight Strength with the Pull-ups and Flexed-Arm Hang Strength Endurance with 5-minutes of Snatching There's no better way to reach an all-around fitness goal…
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Summer Challenge 2016

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Swing, Squat, & Press your way to a healthier summer! Set a fitness goal (not a weight-centered goal) and see results faster! Join the Swing, Squat, & Press Summer Challenge: $179 Initial Measurements: Weight, Circumferences, Body Fat, + Swing, Squat, & Press Evaluation (Value $50) Goal Setting (Value $50) FMS (Value $50) Personalized 8-week Plan (Value $200) You will receive a plan that you will do in class & on your own when you're not in class. It is important that you communicate how many days you're willing to train over the summer & that you stick to the plan as closely as possible. We…
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