Moving Better

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If you remember, December was about Feeling Good!

We did a couple of things for that.

  1. We Donated $275 to the Boys & Girls Club from our November Swing Challenge
  2. We Donated over $1000 worth of gifts to a Family in need over Christmas
  3. Our focus for training plans for December was to Move Better during your training and Feel Better leaving the class than when you came in.

From the feedback we got from everyone, it seemed to work and you all really liked it!

So we kept that theme going for January. Moving better, taking our time getting into the workouts, really stretching what we need to stretch, when we need to stretch it.

February, March, and April, we’re really going to ramp things up, but we want to keep moving well.

Enter the FMS…

Functional Movement Screen

What is it?

  • It’s a movement screen that test 7 movement patterns. With the information we get, we know whether you (a) have pain & need to be evaluated by a medical professional, (b) have some movement patterns that need improvement, and (c) what exercises might help improve those movements

Do I need it?

  • Probably =). The “high score” for the FMS is a 21 and there aren’t many 21s out there roaming around. That is to say… Most of us could improve our movement. And improving your movement means a lot of great things for you.

What does improving my movement do for me?

  • Let’s see… I’m sure I’m butchering what Dr. Mark Cheng says, but the gist goes something like this: Moving with an imbalance or a tight muscle is like driving a car with your parking break on. You can do it if you try really hard, but it’s not good for the car.
  • Moving inefficiently or with an imbalance will many times result in injury. Injury means time away from training and many times, weight gain. We’re trying to avoid that.
  • What we find very often is that after you get YOUR corrective exercises, and you do those specific exercises before class, you move better in class & get more out of your training.
  • When you move better, you’re not “driving your car with the parking break on” and everything feels better. You enjoy your training much more and you’re more likely to come.

All of this moving better, moving more often, enjoying your activity leads to you meeting your goals a lot quicker and easier than you every thought possible.

So send me an email ( and set up your FMS screen. We need about an hour to do the entire test and find your exercises.

Happy movement to you!


December: Feel Good

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I know it’s a little late, but we just found out about these families in need and I thought we could help! So… we’ve adopted the Hughes Family from “Families Helping Families“, a part of the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center.

Read About the Hughes Family Here

Sign Up to Donate Here

Bring the Items to the Gym by December 12th!


Train Smarter, Not Harder

Helping families in need feels good. But we know that even the good stress of the holiday season is still STRESS… And it shows up in our bodies! We’re tighter, we’re less mobile, and the likelihood of overall fatigue is greater.

We want you to feel good every time you come to the gym, especially this holiday season.

We’ve trained strength (during the Fall & Tactical Strength Challenges) and we’ve trained cardio (during MOVEmber), and now it’s time to train mobility!

You’ll sweat in every class. You’ll get a great workout. And our goal is for you to leave feeling better than when you walked in.

The holidays are tough enough without leaving the gym feeling spent.

Come to NBKB this December and get a re-charge!


3-Part Back Health Series – Part 3

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You’ve stretched your hip flexors in Part 1, you got your glutes firing in Part 2, now let’s activate those “Dear Abby’s”.

A lot of people think “sucking in” is activating their abs. It’s actually quite the opposite. Sucking in deactivates most of the muscles in the trunk and makes your body an hour-glass shape and if you think about it, an hour-glass is not very strong in the middle. What you want to do instead, is make your body a column. Columns are strong and supportive and when you practice the exercise below, you will feel the strength and support of the column/ab shield/bracing (whatever you want to call it) throughout your day as well as your training.





Train Smart. Be Strong. Live Balanced.

3-Part Back Health Series – Part 1

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We get a lot of people who don’t think they can lift weights, especially kettlebells, because they have a “bad back”.

I’ve found that a lot of the “bad backs” out there can be helped a TON with these three exercise interventions.

Trying to explain them via text is boring to read and can get confusing, so I made 3 videos to SHOW you how to do them.

Below is Part 1 of the 3-Part series of the best things you can do to help your aching back.






Train Smart. Be Strong. Live Balanced.

Barefoot Training – How to keep those feet looking their Summer best!

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Summer is in full swing and I for one am barefoot 99% of the time. Here at NBKB shoes are, of course, optional and when the weather is as warm as it has been, most opt to leave the shoes at home and train barefoot.

This coupled with walking around in flip-flops or walking on the hot beach sand can make for a most unsightly set of tootsies!

I have found that just a few simple steps will stretch out my pedicures (and manicures) for months- yes, months. Believe me I’ve tried it all and although you may not have some of these items lying around, I highly recommend adding them to your arsenal of foot/hand care.

Here’s my easy once or twice a week regimen:

First, I make sure my feet are clean and dry. Then, I simply remove any callouses and dry skin with my new Micro-Pedi. At this time I’ll go over my hands as well.

Next, I’ll soak in a tub if I have time or just soak my feet for 5 minutes. Once the cuticles are soft, I push them back.

If it’s bedtime I’ll apply a generous amount of Burt’s Bees Lemon butter cuticle cream to my hands and feet, put some socks on and go to bed. If not, I still use the cream and wipe any excess.

The Micro-Pedi can be found on Amazon. Here is a link for the model I use and it works great on Kettlebell hands as well. I use it almost daily on my hands to keep them smooth. No pedi-egg or callous shavers needed.

That’s it!

You’re now ready to train in your super smooth bare feet!


– Gabby