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Why Train for the TSC?

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By now, we know that the Tactical Strength Challenge is: Max Deadlift Max Number of Pullups OR Max Time for Flexed Arm Hang Max Number of Snatches for 5-minutes Flexed Arm Hang or Pull-Ups What makes the TSC special? Strong people will naturally do well in the deadlift, but they may not do well in the pull-ups. People with bodyweight strength will naturally do well in the pull-ups and flexed arm hang, not necessarily in the deadlift. The snatch is like a mile sprint - it's tough for everybody! Snatch To do well in all 3, you have to be strong…
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TSC & Fall Challenge

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Fall 1-2-3 Challenge Kids are back to school and we're ready to get back into the routine. We like to kick off every fall with a Challenge. This year is no different with the Fall 1-2-3 Challenge How it works: Choose a Strength Goal Deadlift, Pullups, Squat, Pistol Squat, Pushups, Press... Choose a Cardio Goal # of swings or snatches in 5 min Choose a Body Composition Goal inches, pounds, & bodyfat percentage What you'll get: Initial Personal Session with one of us to measure & do goal setting Class workouts designed to help you meet your goals Homework to increase your…
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