2017 Challenge

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I tried and tried to make this challenge a pretty 6- or 8-week thing, but I just couldn’t.

Every time I was trying to work it out, I thought… we need more time with this stuff!

So, we’re going to spend all year focusing on the 7 things that YOU can do to make sure you’re Younger Next Year. First, grab the book – I like the hard copy, but the kindle version is available and it’s with you all the time.

Here’s the list of things we’ll be doing all year (and for the rest of our lives):

  1. Exercise 6 days/week
  2. Strength Train 2 days/week
  3. Cardio 4 days/week
  4. Eat Less Crap
  5. Spend Less Than You Make
  6. Care
  7. Connect & Commit

How will this challenge work?

A. To have a great challenge, we need an official T-Shirt. These will be long-sleeved and really cool (and a little bit of a surprise). Can’t wait for everyone to sign up so we can get them ordered and delivered!

B. The best way to make sure you’re sticking to the plan is to write it down! Everyone in the challenge will get a training calendar with instructions on how to plan, execute, and complete great training weeks every week for the whole year!

C. Included in the challenge will be 6 skills clinics throughout the year to help you achieve your fitness goals.

D. To keep everyone on track, we’re going to break the habits up and focus on one each month.

February – Exercise 6 days/week
March – Strength Train 2 days/week
April – Cardio 4 days/week
May – Eat Less Crap
June – Spend Less Than You Make
July – Care
August – Connect & Commit
September – Re-Visit ‘Exercise, Strength, & Cardio’ – How are we doing?
October – Re-Visit ‘Eat Less Crap’ – How are we doing?
November – Re-Visit ‘Spend Less Than You Make’ – How are we doing?
December – Re-Visit ‘Care, Connect, & Commit’ – How are we doing?

E. We’ll also highlight someone each month. They’ll tell us what they’re doing to be younger next year and how they’re doing it. What they’ve changed and how they’re doing with the changes.

We really want EVERYONE to participate in this challenge. It’s going to be great & I’m really looking forward to a communal focus.

There are Two Options:

  1. T-Shirt, Calendar, Monthly Emails, Six (6) Skills Clinics, & Community Events
    $175 – Sign Up Here!
  2. Just the T-Shirt, Calendar, & Monthly Emails (purchase skills clinics separately, at the the time of the clinic at $35-50)
    $60 – Sign Up Here!

Sign Up Today & Send us an email with your tshirt size!

Tactical Strength Challenge – Fall 2016

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It’s that time again… TSC time!

The Tactical Strength Challenge comes around every 6 months and I get excited every time.

This year is no exception!

We get to train for something, challenge ourselves to push past what we thought we could do, compete with ourselves and with people in StrongFirst gyms around the world.

In our little gym, we really feel like a part of a bigger community.

The TSC tests:

  • Max Strength with the Deadlift
  • Bodyweight Strength with the Pull-ups and Flexed-Arm Hang
  • Strength Endurance with 5-minutes of Snatching

There’s no better way to reach an all-around fitness goal than to train for these three events.

How do you get started?

  1. Sign up through StrongFirst here and choose Pacific Strength as your host facility.
  2. Write a training plan for yourself or get a personalized plan from us at Pacific Strength. $129 for a 5-week plan.
  3. Come to the TSC Skills Clinic Saturday, August 27th at 9am. $35 for 90-min – included with the purchase of the 5-week plan but can be purchased separately.
  4. Start Training
  5. Keep Training
  6. Show up at Pacific Strength on October 1 at 9am with your game face on!

You’ll be happy you did.

Summer Challenge 2016

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Swing, Squat, & Press your way to a healthier summer!

Set a fitness goal (not a weight-centered goal) and see results faster!

Join the Swing, Squat, & Press Summer Challenge: $179

  • Initial Measurements: Weight, Circumferences, Body Fat, + Swing, Squat, & Press Evaluation (Value $50)
  • Goal Setting (Value $50)
  • FMS (Value $50)
  • Personalized 8-week Plan (Value $200)
    • You will receive a plan that you will do in class & on your own when you’re not in class. It is important that you communicate how many days you’re willing to train over the summer & that you stick to the plan as closely as possible. We can make adjustments as necessary, but communication is key!
  • Three Workshops (Value $35 each)
    • Super Abs: Saturday, June 18th at 9am
    • Press + Squat Power: Saturday, July 9th at 9am
    • Perfect Your Swing: Saturday, July 16th at 9am
  • General Nutrition Workshop with Melissa Mathes, RD (Value $35)
  • Facebook Group page to keep you on track (priceless!)
  • Weekly emails to keep you on track (priceless!)
  • Final Measurements (Value $50)

All included in the Sumer Challenge!
Just $179


Nutrition Add-On: $149
with Melissa Mathes, RD

Get an edge on the summer challenge with nutrition on your side!

This add-on is ideal if you are looking to lose weight!


  • Sign Up for the Summer Challenge & email Val at with the Subject: Nutrition Add-On. Val will email everyone who signs up with the screening form.
  • Fill out screening form and email to Melissa Mathes, RD
    • She will need to know what your goal is with this challenge; Lose weight? Gain muscle? A little of both?
    • Melissa will provide individualized meal plan for this challenge, & to do so ethically, she will need medical information (recent lab work if you have it, medications, and medical history). There will also be a HIPPA privacy form as well. None of your medical information will be disclosed to anyone without your consent.
  • Nutrition Workshops are required for the bonus program. These workshops will give you the knowledge to work your plan.
    • If you can’t make the workshops, you must schedule with Melissa at her office to go over the information.
  • You will receive weekly emails that request a weigh in. It is important that you respond to the email and let Melissa know your weight and how you are doing. This one on one communication time & if things need to be tweaked, this is where it happens. THIS IS A TEAM thing: communication is needed to make changes that will get you to your goal!
  • Along with the weekly emails you will receive weekly weight loss tips to help you through the summer challenge.

This is a brief version of what Melissa provide for her sports nutrition and medical nutrition therapy patients. The meal plans will be built upon what your nutritional and athletic goals are for this challenge, and of course consideration of your current and past health, gender and stage of life. If you are looking for something more comprehensive please visit the website to see what my visits entail and we can get you scheduled for additional nutrition counseling appointment (not part of the program).  Website:

TSC & Fall Challenge

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Fall 1-2-3 Challenge

Kids are back to school and we’re ready to get back into the routine.

We like to kick off every fall with a Challenge.

This year is no different with the Fall 1-2-3 Challenge

How it works:

  1. Choose a Strength Goal
    • Deadlift, Pullups, Squat, Pistol Squat, Pushups, Press…
  2. Choose a Cardio Goal
    • # of swings or snatches in 5 min
  3. Choose a Body Composition Goal
    • inches, pounds, & bodyfat percentage

What you’ll get:

  • Initial Personal Session with one of us to measure & do goal setting
  • Class workouts designed to help you meet your goals
  • Homework to increase your chances of meeting your goals
  • Facebook Group Page for accountability
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Weekly emails with recipes & tips
  • Final Session to measure



Tactical Strength Challenge


AKA the TSC. As promised, we’re doing it again! October 31st is the date of the official Challenge – check out the StrongFirst TSC page for official information.

What it is:

A competition that takes place every April & October with the worldwide StrongFirst community. The focus is on three types of training; max strength, bodyweight strength, and cardiovascular strength.

The lifts are:

  1. Max Barbell Deadlift
  2. Max Number of Kettlebell Snatches in 5min
  3. Max Number of Dead-hang Overhand Grip Pullups (or timed Flexed Arm Hang)

The challenge will take place at gyms around the world on October 31st, 2015.

We have a lot of people training for it. If you haven’t yet signed up… Click here to sign up for the training.

To compete on October and get your official TSC t-shirt,register with StrongFirst (but not today… we’re not an official host yet)

You’ll get homework & we’ll have times on the schedule set aside for you to come in to the gym to work on the lifts with me. We’ll go over Barbell Deadlift technique, snatch technique, and you’ll have planned training.

Email me at with any questions about how to sign up and we’ll get started!



Want to do both?!

They compliment each other really well. And if you do both, you get everything above! TSC training plan, extra times on the schedule to train, nutrition guidance… everything described above!



Swing Workshop

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We hope you’re all looking forward to the Swing Workshop on Saturday, September 13th!

We know you all know how to swing, but this will help you fine-tune what you do every class.

During this workshop, we’ll break the swing down and find the one thing YOU need to make your swing even more powerful and allow you to do more work in less time.

Dan John talks about the swing being a really inefficient exercise, in that you use all of your energy every swing.

Now, that may sound confusing, but an efficient exercise is something like kipping pull-ups or cycling (if you’re a cyclist) or running (if you’re a runner) – you use your body in a way that allows you to use less energy and train for longer periods.  You can do more kipping pull-ups than you can strict tactical dead-hang pull-ups because dead-hang pull-ups use more energy per rep.

Another way of saying it is that you have to spend more time doing efficient exercises to get the same calorie burn as inefficient exercises.

So, the swing, a really inefficient exercise, uses a lot of energy (read: calories) every rep, which makes it a really great tool for fat-burning.

So come to our Mastering the Swing workshop and Swing better, Snatch better, Clean better and burn more calories in every class!

Get a taste of what we’ll cover and check out this video from our dear friend, Lauren Brooks, the Kettlebell Queen. The towel swing is of one of the techniques we’ll use in the workshop.