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Meet Cindy

Cindy’s Background:

I grew up in Northern Wisconsin on 20 acres of wooded property, in a family of all girls. I went to a very small K thru 12 public school that, at the time, did not provide athletics for girls. The community only ran programs for boys. I did not have the opportunity to participate in sports of any kind. I loved the outdoors and it was my playground. So, my fitness included: climbing trees, adventuring through the woods, swimming in the river next to my home, swimming in the many lakes in the area, riding my bike everywhere, and (in the winter) skiing was my fitness. I have always loved being active.

As I grew, I became very interested in health and fitness and have taken many certifications in various avenues of the industry. For 7 years, while living in Wisconsin, I managed a large chain of health clubs doing everything from teaching aerobics to setting members up on personalized programs to sales and marketing.

I have always been a member of a gym.

Although I spent many years either working in or going to a large gym, my true love is small-group or one-on-one training. Pacific Strength and kettlebells are the right fit for me. I love to be strong, I love how being strong makes my body and mind feel. My goal as a trainer is to help others feel this same way. It doesn’t matter where you start: whatever your age, weight, current fitness level… the only important thing is that you never stop & never give up.

Why did you decide to get certified through StrongFirst?

I went through the Strong First Certification to fine tune my basic skills in training with kettlebells so I can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

What do you think sets Pacific Strength apart from other gyms?

Pacific Strength is a place where the trainers coach you every time you come in. Whether you are one-on-one training or in a group class. The trainer is watching your form and correcting to help avoid injury. This correcting never stops, the coaching is continual. With all of that coaching happening, Pacific Strength is a warm and welcoming environment. You feel safe: like you’re not going to hurt yourself or be asked to do something you can’t do. You know you can always tell the coaches what is going on with you and they will adjust your training to fit your needs. We have all ages, men and women. We have new members just starting and many that have been training here for years. It feels like a family.

Tell us more about your life outside the gym…

I have a wonderful family. My husband Tim, daughter Hannah, son Franky, his wife Emilie, and their daughter Dylan, and of course Moby. We are an active and adventurous family. We all enjoy traveling, camping, hiking, kayak/SUP paddling, surfing, skiing, sailing and keeping strong in our own way.

I know you’ve traveled a ton… anything left on your bucket list?

I have been very fortunate to have had many exciting experiences and I have many more on my “bucket list”, however, I believe the item that is most important on my list is staying strong and healthy to my end of time.

We’re so excited that Cindy got certified and is ready to join the team. Cindy has such a great heart for helping people, especially those new to strength training and we look forward to her taking an active role with our newbies!

“Kettlebell training has helped me in all aspects of my life. Taking small steps toward strength in a physical sense has helped me develop mental and emotional strength during life’s toughest challenges.”


Gina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavior Science with an emphasis in Human Resources Management and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management. She is currently SFG Level 2 certified and loves teaching classes at Pacific Strength.