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Gabby brings with her a wealth of knowledge after many years in the fitness industry. She began her fitness career in group fitness as well as personal training. She has taught a wide variety of class formats including Aqua, Spin, Step, Body Sculpt, Circuit Training, Yoga, Kickboxing, and Outdoor Boot Camp. She was introduced to kettlebells by fellow SFG Valerie Hedlund in 2008 and became hooked immediately!

Kettlebells have allowed me to condense my workouts and attain my fitness goals which previously could take hours at the gym. I’m training smarter than ever and feeling stronger. At 49 years old I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life and remain injury free thanks to regular and consistent kettlebell training.

“The beauty of this industry is the constant evolution. We are always learning, always teaching. I am truly blessed to be able to do what I do. To walk beside someone as they reach their fitness goals and begin to feel better inside and out never gets old. I am truly inspired by people who come into my life not knowing what they are capable of and then they realize the inner athlete that they always were and always will be.”


In 2009 she earned her RKC Level 1 Russian Kettlebell Challenge through Dragon Door, followed by her CK-FMS certification in 2010. In July of 2011, Gabby travelled to Minnesota to successfully complete her Level 2 certification. She was Assistant Team Leader at the RKC Level 1 in August 2011 and in August of 2013, Gabby was chosen for the role of Assistant to Pavel Tsatsoline at the Salt Lake City Level 1 StrongFirst Certification. All the while she continues to attend and host numerous workshops and continuing education courses.