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A couple of downloadable programs for you to have forever!

  1. The $29 Bodyweight Programclick here to download the program and get the videos.
  2. The $99 Starting Strength Program – if you’re starting from scratch, get these 10 workouts to help build strength and the habit of strength training without overloading your system. (send me an email at to get started)
  3. The $149 Kettlebell Kickstart Program – if you want to learn how to do the kettlebell movements well AND get good butt-kicking workouts in, these 12 Kettlebell Kickstart sessions are for you. You’ll learn while you sweat and each session will build on the one before. Go at your own pace & build kettlebell strength and skill in as little as 4-weeks! (send me an email at to get started)


The DIYCrew is a group of students who are motivated to train but don’t want to have to come up with what to do every day.

Join the DIYCrew, download the app, and get programs delivered to you every day with on-demand training videos. Every training session is created with you & your goals in mind. You’ll get monthly emails about the training and you won’t have to worry about planning your training! Just open your app and follow the plans.


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Be a part of the PSCrew and enjoy all the benefits of the DIYCrew (programs on the app, on-demand training videos, monthly emails) plus, you’ll also get coaching through the app, emails, weekly check-ins, online open gyms, program modifications when needed for travel, etc.

With the PSCrew, get the plans, the support, and the accountability you need to make this fitness thing happen in your life.


per month

or generosity pricing


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Start with a Private Consultation & Movement Assessment

After a quick email or phone call, we’ll determine together where will be the best place for you to start.

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Looking for Group Classes?
Kettlebells at the Park

City of San Clemente Recreation Registration

Also Available
Form Check Sessions $150/50-min or $250/1-hour 50-min
StrongFirst Kettlebell Workshops

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