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PacStrength Crew

The PacStrength Crew is a group of students who are motivated to train but want guidance as to what to do every day.

Join the PacStrength Crew, enjoy weekly emails, download the app, and get programs delivered to you every day with on-demand training videos.  Stop worrying about planning your training! Just open your app and follow the plans. Every training session is created with you & your goals in mind.


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PacStrength Crew Plus

Be a part of the PacStrength Crew PLUS and enjoy all the benefits of the PacStrength Crew (programs on the app, on-demand training videos, weekly emails) plus more!

With PLUS, you’ll get programs personalized for you and your specific training needs, more one-on-one support and guidance as you build your strength and make training a part of your life.


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PacStrength Personalized Power

The PacStrength Personalized Power package  is for the student who needs a shift in thinking when it comes to fitness & exercise.

You’ll get personalized programs that fit your schedule, your life, and your goals. I’ll check in with you regularly and we’ll make adjustments to your plan so that it works for you. If you’ve been at this “trying to get healthy” thing for a while, now is the time to make the shift. Rather than try to make an exercise plan fit into your schedule, let’s work together to find a fitness routine that fits your life.


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PacStrength Power Groups

PacStrength Power Groups is offered to build a community of like-minded people who are interested in living their best life.

Want to be the strongest version of yourself, physically and mentally? You’ll want to join this group. We will not only be training regularly (each on our own programs) but we’ll be reading books, listening to podcasts, and discussing how we can be better humans in this world. If you’re in the Personalized Power training plan, you have access to this group. If you are in another plan, the group is a $50/month add-on.


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Start with a Private Consultation & Movement Assessment

After a quick email and phone call, we’ll determine together where will be the best place for you to start.

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