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Valerie is passionate about helping women find their strength.

“One of my favorite training moments was when a woman in her 50s performed her first ever push-up in class. She had always done push-ups on her knees because she thought she wasn’t strong enough. We worked and worked on the technique, her strength, and practiced many different methods to help her get there. Then one day, during a regular training session, she knocked out 3 totally awesome, perfect, REAL push-ups! She surprised herself, and everyone in class, and it was such a great moment. That is why I train.”

Val’s training has evolved since she began Personal Training in 2002. She worked in Health Promotion, completed a number of Physical Therapy internships, and was certified through many different organizations. She found her home in the RKC and then StrongFirst, an organization founded by Pavel Tsatsouline. StrongFirst is filled with some of the greatest teachers and coaches of Strength and Fitness. In 2011, Valerie was one of first women in the world to successfully complete the Iron Maiden Challenge and in 2013, she was promoted to Team Leader with StrongFirst. That title allows her to teach kettlebell certifications around the world. She also maintains the CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) from the NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association).

Val has a passion for fitness and helping people stay active. These days, while sometimes still racing and competing, her fitness goals consist of being as fit and healthy as her body will allow and helping each student reach his or her individual potential.

Val has two specialties:


training people who don’t think they are strong enough or healthy enough to strength train. People who may have tried a bootcamp and got hurt, or perhaps had surgery and never really recovered, or just have a dull ache in their back that never goes away. “We take it slow, work within the student’s ability, and build from there. I consider every student an athlete, regardless of their age, background, or current fitness level and I expect everyone to work as hard as they are able.”


is training women whose bodies have changed and feel that with every passing year, they have less time and energy to do what they need to do to keep themselves strong and healthy .“I understand the fitness and health needs of women in general, but I also know that every person is unique. I have learned to listen to each student’s specific needs to make sure the program is personalized for her body type and goals.” Understanding that women today are busy with families as well as careers, Val helps them find the time to focus on themselves and use that time more wisely so they can finally see results without exercise and diet consuming their lives.


FMS Certified; StrongFirst Bodyweight Certified; StrongFirst Lifter – Barbell Certified; StrongFirst Level II Instructor; CSCS – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA); RKCII – Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification; CPR & First Aid; BS Health & Exercise Science, Wake Forest University


SFG Team Leader – Level I – Chicago 2019, SFG Team Leader – Level II – Chicago 2016, SFG Team Leader – Levels I & II – Seoul, South Korea October 2014, SFG Team Leader – Level II Chicago April 2014, SFG Team Leader – San Diego February 2014, SFG Level II Assistant – Philadelphia September 2013, Monthly Fitness Column Contributor to StepMom Magazine, Iron Maiden – August 2011, RKC Level I Assistant – San Diego – August 2011, RKC Level I Assistant – Minnesota – April 2011, CA State Deadlift Champion 2010, Varsity Track & Cross Country at Wake Forest University 1998-2002, National Meet Qualifier – Indoor Track & Field – 2000, All-ACC – Track & Field – Wake Forest University – 1999